Thursday, 2 June 2011

90s Megamix - Are you ready for the Old School?

The current 90s trend is gaining huge momentum at the moment, and as the kids of the 90s look back at the fashion of our youth, we've apparently all decided it's been long enough to call it 'vintage'. Fast forward 20 years and the summer of 2011 is already starting to look eerily like 1991 (Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff, anyone?). To help you get your 90s on, I've created a little mood board of what I remember from the first time round (gulp).

So grab your bomber jacket, lace up your buffaloes, pile on the shag bands, apply that hair mascara, put on something neon or grungy (or both), and say 'as if' to 2011!

I'll trade you my ENTIRE Pog collection if you can name everything from my 90s Megamix collage!


By Carina Sullivan

Credit: and Topshop


  1. Ha ha, this cheered me up no end! Can't believe i've forgotten about Kelly and Sweet Vally High!

  2. I had so much fun putting this post together. Talk about a trip down memory lane! Cx


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