Thursday, 23 June 2011

Graduate Fashion Week 2011 - University of East London

I'm such a huge fan of Graduate Fashion Week, and was lucky enough to get a press pass this year (as well as an invite from my old Uni, UEL). I was so impressed with the standard of work at UEL, and I'm always amazed how much effort these students put in (especially, if like me, they were doing a joint honours course and writing a 10,000 marketing report WHILE producing a GFW collection. Not easy).

Eliesha George

Judy Redfearn

Le Thuy Le Thi

Anna Kilpatrick

Janine Marie Whittaker

Lucy Johnson

Monikh Dale

Stephanie Long

Stand out collections from the University of East London at GFW 2011 were definitely Le Thuy Le Thi, who won the GFW 'People's Choice Award' in association with This Morning with her Afternoon Tea collection, Eliesha George for her beautiful monochromatic dresses, and Judy Redfearn for her delicate, Chloe-esque collection.

I still have a few GFW posts to do, but as I took nearly 500 photos during the day I was there, the editing has taken bloody ages. In the next GFW instalment, we have the University of Central Lancashire.


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