Friday, 24 June 2011

Graduate Fashion Week 2011 - University of Central Lancashire

Following yesterday's Graduate Fashion Week post about the University of East London's GFW show, here's my run down of the best of the University of Central Lancashire GFW show. Unforunately this post would include about 50 images if I included everyone's work, so I've picked my favourites, which was very difficult to do as the standard was so high.

Estee Anna Lindley

Anne Davey

Charlotte Brown

Emma Robinson

Kirsty Jane Lamb

Rebecca McGee

Angela Ritson

Rebecca Wells


P.S. Did you spot Britain's Next Top Model winner Tiffany Pisani?


  1. Wow there are some really creative designs...great up and coming designers...exciting :)

    Laura x

  2. I was really impressed. Especially loved Emma Robinson's collection, so detailed. Cx

  3. This collection was very creative and the designs are unique. Is there any updates for 2012 fashion for graduates?

    Home Builders Perth


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