Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Jessie J for Vogue Italia

Jessie J took everyone by surprise at the Glamour Awards last night with minimal make-up, long, 40s inspired waves and a simple but slinky black sequinned dress. While it was nice to see her doing something so different with her look, and taking a fashion risk (for her, playing it safe is a risk), I much prefer her usual, punchy, hip-hop-Cleopatra look.

Striking some serious poses in this months Vogue Italia, I love how much of Jessie's personality comes through. Even with such different looks and styles, she remains 'in charge' in every shot. I love these images so much I may let Jessie off this body stocking shocker (maybe!).

P.s. Check out those stems - now I know why see mainly wears pants (I would as well if I had those legs!).

Jessie J for Vogue Italia

Jessie J for Vogue Italia with crown

Jessie J for Vogue Italia wearing cape


Images: Vogue Italia

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