Wednesday, 15 June 2011

A Very( Pretty Maxi Dress

I don't normally have pics of myself or my outfits on my blog, but today is a bit of an exception. The lovely people at contacted me and asked if I'd like to (honestly) review an item from their site. Having never ordered from Very before, I was curious to have a proper look around their site and see what shopping with them was like.

very love blue maxi dress

I choose this Love Label Crochet Waist Maxi Dress (currently in the sale for £23.50 - bargain), as I'm a huge maxi dress fan and I thought it would be perfect for a few summer weddings I have coming up. Reading the (very helpful) customer reviews, I figured out that the dress was lovely and long (a fellow 5ft10-er said it was long enough for her) and that the top of the dress accommodated for a larger bust - so we had a winner.

carina100 very maxi dress

When the dress arrived I loved the cornflower blue colour, but wasn't instantly wowed by the fabric. The pleated, light weight fabric looked slightly shiner than in the pictures, but once I put it on, I really loved it! The fit was great, slightly tight on the bust, but this actually made it very supportive and comfortable. maxi dress wedding prom

It is such a flattering shape, and the black crochet waist detailing makes it look more interesting, and not to girly-girly. I had to actually check what the bridesmaid were wearing at the 2 weddings I am planning to wear this to, as it could look slightly like a bridesmaid dress (at £23.50, if you are looking for bridesmaid dresses, this would be a real bargain!), but luckily they're going for red and green (respectively).

carina100 very blue maxi dress

I can honestly say I would recommend this dress to anyone who has a special occasion coming up (wedding, ball, prom, the races, etc...); it was comfortable, is a brilliant price and is lovely and long (if you're under 5ft5 and don't wear 6inch heels this might not be for you).

Thanks for solving my wedding guest outfit dilema, Very!



  1. I love this dress on you! Such a gorgeous colour :)

  2. It looks so cute on you. Agree with Hayley, the colour is gorgeous. And it would make a great bridesmaid dress.

  3. Thanks lovelies! I really love the colour too, very impressed with it. Cx

  4. Hi, (If you don't mind me asking...) I was just wondering what size bust you have and which size dress you bought? I have my eye on these for my bridesmaids but one of my girls wears a GG cup! :) Thanks!


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