Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Motilo - Putting the social into online shopping

I love learning about fun and interesting ways to shop online and share looks and style ideas with friends (and my mum), so I was really intrigued when I got approached by Motilo and asked to play around on their brand new social shopping destination, Motilo.com (in beta - so allow for some teething problems).

Launched in April 2011, Motilo.com is an online community where you can shop together in real time with your friends.  Motilo offers an interactive fashion-focused social network fused with a unique e-commerce platform. The Motilo shop contains fashion items from hundreds of international websites, each carefully chosen by our in-house stylists each week. On Motilo, our members can create looks using the pieces in our shop, share these looks with friends, and then buy every item in the outfit. Motilo is updated daily with exciting content presented through the eyes of the Motilo girls, Motilo’s magazine and from users who create and submitting looks.

Obviously, the first thing I did was play around in the 'Create a Look' section, which is seriously addictive and is like dressing a digital paper doll. With a simple and fun layout, I quickly got the hang of it, and was resizing, layering and building my looks like a pro in no time. After some spending perhaps a bit *too* much time on building my look (not quite as addictive as Angry Birds, but still...), I settled on this look, which I've called 'Colour Pop Wedding Guest'- what do you think?

The Motilo Girls are also worth mentioning, with blogging superstar, Bip Ling, and Vogue Ed at Large, Anna Dello Russo, being just two of the style-hungry experts giving their top shopping tips and style ideas.

They're also running a great competition on their facebook page to win a Mulberry bag! The more facebook likes they get, the better the Mulberry bag they'll give away (all the deets are here) - so will it be a Daria, Alexa or a Tillie?

Play and shop on Motilo, or facebook and twitter them up!


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