Thursday, 4 August 2011

5 Colours in Her Hair

Yep, totally just used a McFly song as the title for this post (but you already knew that, didn't you??). In case you missed the memo, coloured hair is having a moment. Everyone's at it. Katy Perry has gone pink, Jessie J has gone purple, Kate Bosworth has gone green, and Rihanna's is still bright red.

It seems bright hair colour is moving from 'alternative' to mainstream, due to all the celebs, including Jaime Winstone and Pixie Geldof, who have now embraced the trend and are set to spark 100s of imitations. I actually really love playing around with my hair, and have been every colour from peroxide blonde through to jet black, but have never really dabbled with 'colour'. While I don't think this trend is for everyone, on the right person it can look very cool (and flattering). Jessie J looks great with her purple bob, with a definite Republica vibe going on!

With salons opening all over the place that specialise in bold colours and dip-dying, like Bleach in Dalston/Topshop Oxford Street (the sister salon to the WAH nail), this craze won't just be for celebs and the East London crew (which I'm now in after my recent move to the E17 postcode!). From dip-dying to all over colour, and candy tones to bold primary shades, I think this rainbow-inspired hair trend will be around for a while yet.



  1. just came across your blog via Wildfox related searching on google...absolutely love it!! Will be following for sure :) x

  2. ooo still not sure about coloured hair. the most adventurous i've been recently is to lighten the ends, and that felt like a brave move, ha ha! x

  3. I think you need a big, bold personality to carry this look. Not for people that don't like to stand out. I like the look, but don't think I'd brave it. Cx


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