Friday, 16 September 2011

Alchemy: Art At Annoushka

Thursday nights should always be about hanging out in jewellery boutiques on the Kings Road, surrounded by diamonds, precious jewels, champagne and fabulous people! Luckily, that's exactly what my Thursday night this week was all about (well, throw in a beautiful art exhibition, Daisy Lowe, Amber Le Bon, Eliza Doolittle and Tom Hughes!). The Alchemy photographic exhibition by Rosie Emerson and Annoushka Ducas was launched in a star studded bash and will be displayed in store for a month to show jewellery in a new format. Gone are the glass cabinets, and in its place are works of images that show these jewellery works of art at their best.
Amber Le Bon, Daisy Lowe, Ophelia Lovibond and Eliza Doolittle will appear in Alchemy, a photography exhibition by Rosie Emerson. Displayed for a month, from 14 September, at Annoushka Ducas’s 41 Cadogan Gardens flagship boutique, Alchemy continues Art At Annoushka. The aim of this exhibition series is to integrate Annoushka’s fine jewellery into original artworks and project her designs beyond their traditional, rarefied milieu - namely, a glass case in a boutique or the jewellery box. This will highlight the guiding principles of artistry, spontaneity and collaboration which have informed Annoushka since it was established in 2009.
Daisy Lowe, Amber Le Bon and Eliza Doolittle (and Tom Huges) are all amazingly beautiful in real life. If I didn't have a major crush on Daisy beforehand, I do now! Apart from her obvious sex kitten qualities, her voice is exceptionally hot. No one should stand as close to Daisy Lowe as I did last night. It is not good for your self esteem.

All the artwork and featured jewellery is available to view and to buy at Annoushka.


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