Sunday, 5 February 2012

Operation Replace Stolen Bag

If ever there was a valid reason to go bag shopping, it's having your bag stolen. Seen as a class-a a%&$le decided to relieve me of my handbag (and all my belongings in said bag) last Friday, I've decided to cheer myself up and buy a gorgeous new bag for spring summer 2012. And don't panic, it wasn't my new Mulberry bag, but my beloved New Look raspberry satchel.

Not one to usually buy a seasonal specific or trend dictated bag, I figured if there was a time to purchase a bag frivolously without any thought to it's shelf life, this is it. So here is my shortlist of my favourite bags, and I just HAVE to buy one as a replacement (are you buying that excuse? No, neither is anyone else.)

Miss Selfridge (green satchel an blue suede bag)

New Look (doctors bag and grey box bag)

Decision time. Which bag shall I buy?



  1. That completely sucks - so sorry to hear that!!

    Anyway, my vote goes for either the green Miss Selfridge satchel or the New Look doctor's bag. The satchel because I love that bright colour pop and it looks much more expensive and luxe than it actually is - it's a really nice bag. The doctor's bag is just because I'm having a doctor's bag phase. What can I say?

    I also love the light pink ASOS bag but part of me feels it's too uber-cute to be truly versatile - I think I'd feel silly if I wanted to take it somewhere where I needed to be treated seriously. Plus it looks a bit on the small side but my judge of size isn't great, to be fair.

  2. I love the green satchel :-)

  3. mmmm it's hard to choose i'm caught between three...the green satchel, the doctors bag, and the grey box bag...personally i'm leaning more towards the grey one :)

  4. Totally the brown doctors bag!!

    Sucks that your bag was stolen, but if the cloud has a silver lining then this is it :) x

  5. Thanks everyone :)

    So Doctors Bag and Green Satchel are in the lead. Maybe I'll have to get both. After all, I *am* a victim of crime (yes. I am playing that card!).


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