Monday, 28 May 2012

Shady Lady - Polaroid Sunglasses Review

I've got to admit, I'm normally not that fussy about labels or brands when it comes to my sunglasses, but when Polaroid Sunglasses contacted me and asked me to review a pair of their polarized sunnies I found a pair I loved and couldn't wait to try them out. When I did try them I was so pleasantly surprised - they're amazing!

Before I start to share why they're so good, this is a totally honest reveiw (cross my heart!). I got the Destiny sunglasses (£79) as I like my shades big and bold, and really loved the shape and thin arm when they arrived. Finding a shape of glasses that works for you can be tricky, so I often stick to a standard shape.

The sunglasses really do get rid of any glare and I even road tested them during extreme circumstances (I was very hungover). You never find yourself squinting or getting glare. And now for the science ...

All Polaroid sunglasses come with UltraSight™ lenses – made from technically advanced eco-polymers that are formed and quality checked at our European research and production facility in the Vale of Leven, Scotland. We use Thermofusion™ Technology, a process exclusively developed by Polaroid Eyewear, to curve and complete our lenses. The result is sunglasses that give you outstanding visual acuity. Which means you’ll see things accurately, even at a distance. And with our polarizing technology, you won’t have to worry about glare. Our lenses also block all harmful UV light up to 400nm and incorporate shock absorbers for safety. Polaroid sunglasses take your eyes seriously. That’s why we’ve included information that will show you how our sunglasses are different - and better. 

Thank you for my sunglasses, Polaroid - they will never be leaving my handbag!


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