Tuesday, 26 June 2012

'Viva Forever' Spice Girls Musical Launch

The Spice Girls returned to the hotel they trashed in their 1997 'Wannabe' video today to launch the Sprice Girls musical, 'Viva Forever'. Instead of running about the place dancing on tables, pulling off table cloths and sitting on an old man's lap, the fearsome five-some struck a well rehearsed pose in designer duds (no pleather or Buffaloes in site. Boo!).

While I do love their polished, glossy 2012 style, I find myself longing for the original 90s hair, make-up and, most of all, the fashion! Growing up, I was a Spice Girls freak who owned a 'Girl Power' top and blue and white Buffalo trainers and more than a few times pretended to be Posh.

If I have to pick a style winner from the 'Viva Forever' launch, it would have to be Mel C in her chic white sheath dress as the others look to heavy and dark for Summer and Geri disappointed in dull lace when she should have made like it was 1997 and put on a union jack and flashed her knickers!

Viva the Spice Girls, but let's have more 1997 than 2012!



  1. Love them!!!I wanna be there!

  2. I have too many memories involving my hair in bunches and me and my friends or cousins learning dance routines (stop right now, thank you very much, I need somebody with a human toucchhhh at the age of 6 anyone?)

  3. I want to be there too, Jullianna! And Roisin, I think I remember that too well - and wouldn't be surprised if I recreate the moment after one too many gins on any given weekend ;)


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