Monday, 23 July 2012

Carina100 Interior Design and Style - Home Sweet Home

While this post isn't very fashion, it's most definitely showing another passion of mine - interior design and style. I've always loved decorating and from popstar posters and homemade, glitter-encrusted trinkets in my childhood room to an entire photo collage wall at my uni halls, I always have to make myself at home.

When we bought our flat this time last year, I was thrilled to have my own dream house to decorate, paint and put our own stamp on. I tweeted a few pics here and there showing my new digs, a Victorian purpose built flat in East London, and lots of people wanted to see more (Reena, this post's for you especially!).

I took the pictures when we were thinking of renting out the flat for the Olympics (but decided against it), so now you get these pictures of the flat looking it's very best, sadly it doesn't look like this everyday.

And of course Dolly has to make an appearance as it wouldn't feel like home without her. So here's a trip through the keyhole into my pad - make yourself at home!



  1. Adorable picture! You gave me some good ideas!

  2. Nice post about interior design. it is very helpful for peoples.


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