Thursday, 13 September 2012

New York Fashion Week Spring 2013 - Marc Jacobs

I wonder if Marc Jacobs ever gets bored of shaking up the fashion community. Just when we think we know what ladylike styles are coming, he throws us geometric prints in an almost caricature take on the ultimate 1960s women. Models took to the catwalk partly to show fashion and, quite clearly, partly as art.

Whether things were micro short or maxi long, they were covered in bold stripes or prints. The super-short micro minis (with matching pants!) in muted satin with clown-esque ruffs and collars were my favourite from the collection, especially the coffee coloured mini dress worn by one of NYFW's hardest working models, Cara Delevingne.

Yet another collection that feels ever so slightly more suited for autumn than spring, but what a collection! So different from the uber-feminine and pip-up styles we've seen elsewhere at New York Fashion Week Spring 2013, but so exciting. Hands up who wants a black and white striped maxi dress!



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