Tuesday, 30 October 2012

60 Years Of Style with Singin' In The Rain

2012 sees the 60th anniversary of the release of the 1952 MGM movie Singin' In The Rain which starred Gene Kelly (Don Lockwood), Debbie Reynolds (Kathy Seldon) and Donald O’Connor (Cosmo Brown.).

Singin’ in the Rain is now splish splashing around at London’s Palace Theatre. To celebrate this, along with the 60th anniversary of the original movie's release, I got to go and watch this fun, frivolous and downright gorgeous musical.

Not only is this one of my all time favourite musicals, but this stage production is mind blowing. With each performance of Singin’ In The Rain, they use 14 tonnes (14,000 litres) of water to create that all important rain. Each drop is pumped from, recycled and pumped back into a 10 ton water tank in the orchestra pit.

The show inspired me to put together some looks that are inspired by the stunning 1920s flapper style and what to wear to shield yourself from the showers with style.

Don't take my word for it, see this Hollywood classic on the Westend stage for yourself!


Thursday, 25 October 2012

Oprah: Owing It with Harper's Baazar by Terry Richardson

As my housemates from my uni days would tell you, many of my sentences started 'Oprah said ...' or 'Today on Oprah they said ...' when I had the luxury of watching daytime TV. I freakin' love Oprah and this shoot for Harper's Bazaar shot by Marmite-esque photographer Terry Richardson (you either love him or hate him) is fantastic.

After Oprah's 25 years of 'Oprah' came to an end, it's clear that retirement wasn't on the cards for this self-made billionaire. This shoot shows Oprah's fun and stylish side while the interviews shows her amazing work ethic and determination. I'll miss the show, but I sure love this slick look and Jil Sanders coat.

"When you have reached the peak of a mountaintop, which is where I was with the Oprah show, you have absolutely no worries. I'd been in the right space at the right time, and I'd done that in the best way possible for 25 years. But you have two choices: You can come down from the mountain and spend the rest of your days thinking it was so beautiful there, or you can create a vision, look upward, see the next mountain, and start the climb all over again."
Read the full interview here.


Images: Harper's Bazaar/Terry Richardson

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Hollywood Film Awards Gala 2012 Best Dressed - Amanda Seyfried, Amy Adams and Bella Heathcote

I felt like I was having red carpet withdrawal symptoms, so I was really glad to see how many red carpet fashion moments were going on at the Hollywood Film Awards Gala 2012. Making their mark on the red carpet were Amanda Seyfried, Amy Adams and Bella Heathcote.

Amanda Seyfried wowed in a super shiny red Prabal Gurung dress with contrast cream binding. I'm in love with this dropped waist, flared skirt style that is set to be a big trend for a/w 2012 which Amanda styles to perfection with mirror-shine shoes and retro hair and make-up.

Amy Adams also went for retro waves, but apricot toned make-up let her 'wow' hair and sleek, sheer Oscar de la Renta dress do the talking. The column shape makes this dress on-trend and gives it an instant update.

Bella Heathcote couldn't have looked further away from her 'Neighbours' character and more like a young Hollywood star this pink, wet-look feather Gucci dress. Don't even get me started on the hair. L.O.V.E!

Who was your best dressed?


Images: Zimbio.com

Saturday, 13 October 2012

How To Grow Your Hair Faster: Top Tips

I'm lucky enough to have hair that grows really fast, but for a few years (2007-2009 to be precise), my hair barely grew at all, leaving me with a bob hair cut I grew to hate. As my hair has now returned to normal, growing at a freakishly fast rate (not rubbing it in, promise!), I often get people asking how I grew my hair faster, so I'm going to tell all.

Let's go back to the beginning of my stunt in hair growth. Never before had I worried about trying new styles and colours with my hair. I'd often go to the hairdresser and instruct they chop off up to 20cm to try a new look, not because I'd been dumped or wanted to reinvent myself, but because I could and knew it would grow back in 6-8 months, max. But then I started doing this to my hair.

Yep, bleach ahoy. My hair does not like bleach it turns out, and started breaking like crazy. I had to dye it back to a closer-to-my-natural-brown shade and cut it into a super short bob (ear lobe length). I hated this and cried like a baby after a haircut that involved, at it's shortest, 5cm layers which stuck up like I was in 'The Little Rascals'. My hair was so damaged, it literally took nearly 2 years to grow it past my shoulders (something that used to only take about 6 months).

It was really starting to get me down, slightly superficial, yes, but something I'm sure others can relate to. So I tried to look into things that would make my hair grow faster, and weirdly enough a few weeks later someone from Seven Seas offered to send me Femibion Radiance. While I love a good multivitamin, I've never tried the classic hair, skin and nail tablets. After a couple of months of taking the tablets everyday my hair really started to grow again, I kid you not. And I didn't really post it at the time as it felt too much like a sponsored post (which this definitely isn't), and the product really did work for me. They seem a bit tricky to track down now, but I've found them here.

But that wasn't all I did, the other things that really work to grow your hair faster are:

  • Don't use heat: Put down the hairdryer, the straighteners and the curling wands and let her dry naturally while using non-heat styling or curling techniques.
  • Don't dye: Colouring your hair can add shine at first, but give your hair a break now and again. Try semi-permanents instead if you can't beat the bottle.
  • Don't wash everyday: Act like you're at a festival and wash your hair as little as possible. I usually go 2-3 days between washes and use dry shampoo on the in-between days.
I hope this helps if you're trying to grow your hair that little bit faster. I did this post just because I do always get asked how I grow my hair and keep my long hair in good condition. What are your top tips to grow your hair longer or keep long hair in good condition?


By Carina Sullivan

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Shop the Sales: Asos, Oasis, H&M, New Look and Warehouse

All hail the mid-season sale! And for once it would appear that the sales are full of actual, on-trend bargains, instead of 5 season old tie-dye bikinis. Here are some of my top picks from the best sales around, including sale gems from Asos, Oasis, H&M, New Look and Warehouse. Take your pick from preppy blazers, jacquard dresses, geo prints, cosy knits and directional shoes and style up your autumn for less.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Fairytale Wedding Dresses: Anne Hathaway and Martha Patterson

Last summer may have been the summer of love and all about the fairytale ending, marrying princes and rockstars, but this autumn is all about fairytale wedding dresses. With the latest stars to walk down the aisle, including the ultimate disney princess, Anne Hathaway, and a southern belle Victoria's Secret model, Martha Patterson, all opting for huge, romantic gowns that are the kind of wedding dresses that little girls tutu-dreams are made of.

Anne Hathaway's Valentino Couture dress has a simply stunning ombre pink hem that edges up the many layers of tulle and lace transforming into a soft ivory. If you look up 'romantic' in the dictionary, I'm pretty sure you'll see Anne in this dress.

When Martha married her Kings of Leon rocker, she didn't do a Kate Moss and opt for risque, sheer vintage for her big day, but went instead for the feathery, uber-girly, rose tinted fairytale style wedding dress with ever-so-simple hair and make-up. It would appear ladies, that big is back when it comes to wedding dresses this season.

Bucking the meringue style princess trend is my stunning friend Maya who married her beau, Adam, last month in a bejeweled but supremely elegant Jenny Packham column dress, which while not a full skirted gown, was undoubtedly romantic and completed her fairytale.

Which dress is your favourite? Mine is obviously Maya's :)


Images: Valentino and Tarah Coonan Photography