Saturday, 13 October 2012

How To Grow Your Hair Faster: Top Tips

I'm lucky enough to have hair that grows really fast, but for a few years (2007-2009 to be precise), my hair barely grew at all, leaving me with a bob hair cut I grew to hate. As my hair has now returned to normal, growing at a freakishly fast rate (not rubbing it in, promise!), I often get people asking how I grew my hair faster, so I'm going to tell all.

Let's go back to the beginning of my stunt in hair growth. Never before had I worried about trying new styles and colours with my hair. I'd often go to the hairdresser and instruct they chop off up to 20cm to try a new look, not because I'd been dumped or wanted to reinvent myself, but because I could and knew it would grow back in 6-8 months, max. But then I started doing this to my hair.

Yep, bleach ahoy. My hair does not like bleach it turns out, and started breaking like crazy. I had to dye it back to a closer-to-my-natural-brown shade and cut it into a super short bob (ear lobe length). I hated this and cried like a baby after a haircut that involved, at it's shortest, 5cm layers which stuck up like I was in 'The Little Rascals'. My hair was so damaged, it literally took nearly 2 years to grow it past my shoulders (something that used to only take about 6 months).

It was really starting to get me down, slightly superficial, yes, but something I'm sure others can relate to. So I tried to look into things that would make my hair grow faster, and weirdly enough a few weeks later someone from Seven Seas offered to send me Femibion Radiance. While I love a good multivitamin, I've never tried the classic hair, skin and nail tablets. After a couple of months of taking the tablets everyday my hair really started to grow again, I kid you not. And I didn't really post it at the time as it felt too much like a sponsored post (which this definitely isn't), and the product really did work for me. They seem a bit tricky to track down now, but I've found them here.

But that wasn't all I did, the other things that really work to grow your hair faster are:

  • Don't use heat: Put down the hairdryer, the straighteners and the curling wands and let her dry naturally while using non-heat styling or curling techniques.
  • Don't dye: Colouring your hair can add shine at first, but give your hair a break now and again. Try semi-permanents instead if you can't beat the bottle.
  • Don't wash everyday: Act like you're at a festival and wash your hair as little as possible. I usually go 2-3 days between washes and use dry shampoo on the in-between days.
I hope this helps if you're trying to grow your hair that little bit faster. I did this post just because I do always get asked how I grow my hair and keep my long hair in good condition. What are your top tips to grow your hair longer or keep long hair in good condition?


By Carina Sullivan


  1. I'm doing all these things at the moment, I really want my hair to be longer, too, without breaking ends!

  2. This is something I needed to read! My hair seems to get to a length and stop, so stubborn. Going to try the seven sea vitamins for sure, great post!xxx

  3. Loved this post and totally agree with the not using heat point! My hair never used to grow but since I've been letting my hair dry naturally it's grown half way down my back so it definitely works :) xxx.

  4. Ooh, I'm always looking for hair growth tips and have used many a supplement but will check out the one you've linked to. PS Venice rocks!

  5. So glad you all liked the post. I absolutely hated when my hair just stopped growing, you sometimes need something to kickstart it again. Let me know how you all get on - good luck!

  6. thank you!

    I started going 2 or 3 days without washiing after I bought my maxiglide straightener. while that breaks rule #1, for me, my hair has never looked or felt better. I straighten it, and brush my natural oils through, the next day straighten again, sometimes add coconut oil. My scalp stopped itching and the texture of my hair improved. When i let it dry curly its somehow better. The cuticles have been tamed I think. also a few years ago I got really brave and cut bangs, which I hadn't had in over 15 years. It took some time for me to get them right, i had to recut over and over and let them grow until I did. the moral of my story is, dont be afraid to experiment and i HIGHLY recommend not washing every day. it takes a while to get used to, but it opens up a whole new world.


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