Thursday, 22 November 2012

The Angel Of Thanksgiving

As today is Thanksgiving in the US, I'd like to share a very personal Thanksgiving story with you all. My Grandma Myrtle traveled the world giving inspirational lectures about her life and one of the main things that inspired her; the power of gratitude. It was on one of these trips that she managed to visit Thanksgiving Square in Dallas, Texas and was so inspired by this daily reminder to give thanks and have gratitude for all you have that she decided to bring something to her home town of Belfast where people could go, irrespective of religion, and give thanks. And so began 'The Angel of Thanksgiving'.
She's been called 'The Doll on the Ball' and 'Nuala With the Hula' - but few know the real story behind the 'Angel of Thanksgiving' beside the Queen's Bridge in Belfast. Yet the sculpture represents a struggle of nearly 20 years by Belfast woman, Myrtle Smyth to bring to the city, a symbol to remind us of the power of gratitude. She was inspired by Thanksgiving Square in Dallas, Texas, and single-handedly raised the money for the sculpture which has quickly won the hearts of the people of Belfast and has become a new emblem for a new city and a new era for Northern Ireland.
My Grandma is sadly no longer with us, but this historic and beautiful testament to her vision and the power of gratitude is now a landmark and beacon for Belfast and Northern Ireland.

I'm very proud of her and what she achieved with not just the statue, but her continued determination for progress, hope and gratitude.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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  1. I love it! Yor Grandma sounds like an inspirational lady, as is your Mum. Beautiful words xx


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