Monday, 10 December 2012

Gillette Venus Naked Skin Challenge: Part One

A few weeks ago I was given the challenge to test and review the Gillette Venus Naked Skin at-home IPL hair removal system. I jumped at the chance to review this as I think most of us look for the holy grail of permanent, painless hair removal so we can have smooth, summertime skin all year round. 

Venus Naked Skin uses a unique, professionally-derived Square Wave technology to emit controlled, consistent light energy to effectively treat unwanted hair. You could experience noticeable hair reduction in as little as six treatments. The system comes with the specially formulated V Activating Gel that enables the light to transfer seamlessly to the hair root helping to put it to sleep. With continued, periodic use, Venus Naked Skin helps to break the cycle of hair re-growth leaving you with continuously smooth, continuously beautiful skin.

Venus Naked features:
  • An at-home device derived from professional Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology 
  • Includes V Activating Gel for an effective light transfer and to help you track where you have already treated 
  • Features a built-in safety sensor and Integrated Skin Tone Sensor to ensure a customized level of treatment 
  • Bulb provides 50,000 flashes 
  • Venus Naked Skin can be used everywhere, including the face and below the neckline, such as your legs, underarm, bikini line, arms, back and stomach 
  • Corded device allowing you to complete a full treatment without the need to charge 

How does Venus Naked Skin work?
  • Venus Naked Skin is derived from professional IPL technology 
  • Light energy is transferred through the V Activating Gel to target the melanin in the hair, helping to put the hair to sleep 
  • Ongoing treatments help to break the cycle of hair re-growth 
  • During the start up phase, use for 6 –12 treatments once every 2 weeks and then once every 2 months to maintain 

Here's my review having used Gillette Venus Naked Skin for 2 weeks and 2 treatments and how to use the system at home. I'll post again in week 4 and week 6 and let you know just how effective and easy this product is.


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