Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Jennifer Lawrence Is A 60s Siren For Vanity Fair February 2013

I have a serious girl crush on Jennifer Lawrence, but this shoot for Vanity Fair February 2013 is stunning. Wow, wow and wow. Not bad for my first post of 2013 (Happy New Year, BTW). Channeling a cool 60s vibe, the big hair, cigarette pants, crop tops and evocative poses show just why she's been voted most desirable woman and why women love her style and attitude just as much.

Looking like a Bridgette-Bardot-Marilyn-Monroe-super-bot, she shows why she's getting so much media attention for her style and film roles. The whole editorial may look like it's 60s inspired, but I get a 90s 'Guess' advert and supermodel feel as well which, obviously, I love. I was a huge fan of Silver Lining Playbook, it was one of my favourite films from 2012, and I can't wait to see what's coming in 2013.

What do you think of Jennifer's style and the 60s/90s trend in general?


Images: Vanity Fair February 2013


  1. Love it and, whilst I generally don't really feel the whole 1960s/90s (it's beginning to feel a little bit been here, done that, IMHO), Jennifer totally rocks it. I agree - my girl crush just grew a little.

    1. I think when you can remember it first time round and I start to sound like my mum 'oh I used to wear this when I was younger', it can put you off! Glad I helped grow the girl crush though.


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