Friday, 4 January 2013

Shop The Sales: Style Steals

The sales this year are super tempting, with huge discount and many shops now offering an additional 10% off sale prices, so I've rounded up some of my favourite sales (and given you the codes you need to save even more!). Remember the golden sale rules though:

  1. Don't buy something just because it has a huge discount, just because it's cheap doesn't mean you'll wear it.
  2. Make sure whatever you buy fits with your style and current wardrobe.
  3. Don't buy something to 'slim into'.
  4. Look for items you had your eye on before the sale started.
  5. Sales are great for presents, so think ahead and get presents for friends and family.
  6. Go for quality over quantity. Even if it's 4 times the price, you'll wear the cashmere cardigan lots more than the sheer maxi dress with built in pants.
  7. If you love it, get it there and then, or it will go to another happy shopper.

Happy shopping!


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