Saturday, 18 May 2013

Summer Style with TK Maxx

Remember that big ball of fire in the sky? I think it's called 'the sun' and it's back (kind of). After a Game Of Thrones style winter, the warmer weather has made an appearance (on and off) and it's time to start thinking about our summer wardrobe and holiday suitcase essentials.

Instead of digging out those well-worn summer dresses why not have a clear out and get some new threads for summer? While traipsing round the highstreet for a summer dress I was contacted by TK Maxx and asked if I'd like to review their dresses. Obviously being a dress addict I agreed immediately and started browsing

The mix of dresses is fantastic. From high end designer gowns perfect for summer weddings to party-tastic dresses, there are loads to choose from. I went for this black cotton summer dress with red embroidery which will be perfect for Sundays in the park, picnics and trips to the beach. All this is obviously dependant to the great British summer, so I held this photo shoot in Thailand to guarantee the sunshine. That's also the reason I've been a bit quite recently - sorry about that! But a after a blissed out 2 weeks on a beach in Thailand I'm ready to get back to the blog.

Have you found a style gem at TK Maxx?


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