Monday, 24 June 2013

Wimbledon Whites: The Search for the Perfect White Dress

Grab a racket and some balls and I'll bring some strawberries and champagne - it's Wimbledon time. Much to my lovely boyfriend's delight, I actually enjoy watching tennis and it's the one time I won't moan about him switching to a sports channel. One thing I do moan about however is finding that perfect white dress, so synonymous with Wimbledon style.

Why is the hunt for a beautiful, summery, white dress such an arduous task? I've been looking for as long as I can remember for a white dress that has just the right mix of boho, embellishment, cut and fabric. It has alluded me so far but the search continues, and this time I'm making you join my quest.


Here are some very lovely dresses I've found that tick certain requirements, but I'm sill looking for 'the one'. High necklines and even higher hems seem to be the trend, but I require the reverse otherwise I will look so top heavy I'll look like you can tip me over. So all I ask for is pretty, vintage fabric, a fit and flare cut, preferably sleeves, a mix of sheer and opaque panels and a knee length hem. Designers of the world, is this too much to ask?!

I'm actually going to Wimbledon this Friday, but the question still remains - which white dress should I wear? Help!


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  1. Hope you had fun at Wimbledon!! I love #2, I'm not usually a fan of midi dresses but the sheer overlay is gorgeous.



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