Thursday, 4 July 2013

LCF Graduate Fashion Show 2013

Christina Tiran 

What did you do on Monday night? I saw some of the hottest new design talent in the UK at the LCF (London College of Fashion) 2013 graduate catwalk show. And wow - I was so honestly impressed with what was on show.

From perfect tailoring and red carpet ready gowns to super slick footwear and expertly crafted bags and accessories, some of the students had worked together to create uber stylish collaborative collections by merging their complementary talents and disciplines. Of the 27 collections shown, I had some definite favourites and here are some of them.

Randolph Turpin 

Brogan Toyn 

Rachel Greig 

Unfortunately I was too in love with the collection by Alexis Housden, that went on to win the prize for Best Collection (presented to Alexis by the legendary designer Pam Hogg), to take any photos. The best way to describe it is if Elie Saab did menswear. Utterly beautiful. Don't believe me? Check out his collection here.

Want to see even more? Then check out my videos of the catwalk show on Instagram - and why not follow me while you're there!


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