Thursday, 11 July 2013

Swatch Scuba Libre: Under the Sea

We all needed to cool off this Saturday as temperatures neared 30 degrees in London, and thanks to Swatch I had the perfect way to keep cool - a trip under the sea for an exclusive celebration of their new underwater collection – Scuba Libre.

The Scuba Libre collection is much more than just a diver’s watch, with nine watches in statement colour combinations that are both practical and super stylish. The collection ticks all the boxes for serious diving and swimming fans; big, bold indicators in high-contrast colours which are easy to read when swimming or diving. Each watch is even water-resistant to 200m with rotating bezels and robust silicone straps. The unisex boyfriend watch shape and style also makes them perfect for him or her.

So what happened on the day? We met at the Swatch Store in One New Change at St. Paul's to get a first glimpse of the collection and have some breakfast and bubbles. We were then led to the tube to embark on a sea-inspired journey on an exclusive Central Line train wrapped by Swatch. Thanks to TFL our extra special Swatch submarine tube didn't appear, but our surprises did!

As we stepped onto the tube to make our way to the Swatch Store on Oxford Street, we noticed a few people dressed in scuba gear, wetsuits and swimming costumes, but hey, it is London! It was when we pulled away from the station that the scuba-commuters burst into song serenading us with sea shanties, including my personal favourite, "Under the Sea" from The Little Mermaid.

Click below to watch (and hear) the amazing acapella performance of "Under the Sea" on the central line for yourself and check out the Scuba Libre watches at a Swatch store. I loved the yellow and blue (very Yellow Submarine), but in the end went for classic black and red.


By Carina Sullivan

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  1. The popworld has a maestro, and It's Mika. It's high time he got the recognition he deserved. His beautiful song, Underwater, is so spectacular. The choir sang it on the train. It's from his third, and best album, The Origin Of Love.


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