Sunday, 11 August 2013

Whitney Port Venus & Olay Summer Shorts Fashion Challenge

You know I'm a Gilette Venus devotee, so when they contacted me and asked if I'd like to take part in the Whitney Port Venus & Olay summer shorts fashion challenge I, of course, said yes. It also gave me the chance to see how many synonyms I could find for legs, my favourite being 'stems'.

As you may have seen, it's been announced recently that Whitney Port (star of The Hills, fashion designer and owner of endless pins) is the Venus & Olay goddess ambassador! She reveals: ‘I have always been a Venus fan, so when I heard about the new Venus & Olay razor I couldn’t wait to try it. The combination of Olay’s moisturising ingredients with Venus’s five-blade technology leaves my skin soft and glowing, making my legs the prefect accessory to any summer outfit.’

And to celebrate this perfect pins partnership, I was asked to customise a pair of denim shorts - perfect for summer festivals fashion, of which Whitney would judge the winning pair (shorts, not legs!). So I got a golden box full of trinkets and treats to add a bronzed summer glow to my shorts. I went for a starburst flower effect on a back pocket, a ghetto fabulous gold chain that went for front to back and pearl beads sewn to the front pockets.

Here's how I did it:

First, I positioned the flowers on the back pocket until I was happy with the layout, then I applied fabric glue to the back of the flowers. A small blob in the centre was enough and stopped the glue splodging out at the edges.

Top tips - place something on the underside of the fabric so you don't accidentally have any glue seep through and glue your shorts shut and always let the glue go slightly tacky first so it sticks well.

Then I got to work on the pearl beads on the front pockets. I used gold thread that was in the kit, in-keeping with the golden glow theme, and got to work sewing on the tiny beads. This little touch will give any denim item a special look, and you could try sewing almost anything on to customise high street jeans and give it a personal style touch.

Top tips - to save time and effort, double up your beads as you sew by putting 2 beads on each stitch and never make your thread too long as it'll also end in tangles (and tears).

How would you customise denim shorts?


By Carina Sullivan

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