Monday, 14 October 2013

Style Stalking: My Favourite Plus Size Bloggers

I'm not the biggest fan of the term 'plus size' (it always seems patronising) but I am a fan of the amazing plus size bloggers out there at the moment. Having worked for the UK's leading plus size retailer, Evans, for the last two years, I've come across some fan-bloody-tastic bloggers from around the world who are great because they show that style has absolutely nothing to do with your size.

If you're not familiar with some of these bloggers listed below, I urge you to check out their blogs. Some are fashion focused, others are more lifestyle, all are awesome. These women not only show us great fashion and style, but promote body confidence and support their readers with each post. They are well written, have stunning outfit posts and they make trends, they don't follow them. Here are some of my favourites, but there are many, many more!

Tanesha is obviously drop dead gorgeous, but also can put together an outfit like a stylist. She knows how to dress for her shape and also adds a twist to her classic style while promoting positive body image.

There's cool and then there's Nadia. This girls breaks all the (idiotic) rules of dressing if your plus size, and she does it with such a strong personal style and inspirational approach that it's impossible not to get addicted to her blog (and Instagram).

Stephanie Zwicky is the creator of the French plus size blog, Le Blog de Big Beauty, and I love her chic ensembles. She always mixes in luxe details, has amazing shoes and that girl can *wear* a coat.

Australian blogger Ashley gives great face and shows her twist on current trends. She's not afraid of wet look leather, bodycon dresses and stylish/sexy finishes. Always has great accessories too!

Gabi is one stylish lady. So stylish she's even launched her own swimwear collection (that sold out within a day!) and had all girls wishing they could wear own her cosmic print bikini. With pretty party dresses mixed with tough leather and snapback hats, you will love Gabi's style.

Georgina is not only a vampish, pin-up, hourglass, but she also works damn hard to educate and guide her readers. From thorough bra reviews and testing shapewear to showing the power of a well placed belt, Georgina will have you wanting to put on a wiggle dress, adding a red lip and victory roll-ing it up.

Other must-read sites if you're interested in plus size fashion:
Do you have a favourite plus size/curvy/fuller figure blogger?


By Carina Sullivan


  1. My favourite by a long way is Caroline at Curvy Wordy. Do you know her blog? Her figure is simply stunning and she reviews plus size and straight size clothes. She is such an inspiration. Her blog is at

    1. I love Caroline! Her figure would make Kim K cry - it's incredible!! And I love her blog posts too - she's so honest and detailed about everything she reviews and talks about.


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