Sunday, 19 January 2014

Tried & Tested: Braun SkinSpa Epilator Review

I'm not usually an epilator kind of girl, so when Braun asked me to review the new Braun SkinSpa epilator I was really intrigued. The SkinSpa comes with a huge array of attachments, including the epilator which can remove hairs as short as 0.5mm, two other attachments so the epilator can be used on underarms or on the face, a unique exfoliating attachment to help minimise ingrown hairs, and a shaver with an additional trimmer attachment. And it works wet or dry so the SkinSpa can be used in the shower or bath, to make it easier to use.

The new Braun SkinSpa combines the power of epilation and exfoliation in one beauty tool, for touchably smoother and visibly more radiant skin. Featuring Braun’s Close-Grip-Technology, the SkinSpa performs better than wax on short hairs and is four times more effective than manual exfoliation alone, delivering twice the treatment for salon professional results in your own home.

Celebrity Beauty Therapist Nathalie Eleni says, ‘It’s so important to exfoliate regularly to stimulate the skin’s natural regeneration process and stop skin looking dull, dry and uneven in texture. Moreover, too much dead skin blocks the hair follicle opening which can cause hairs to grow sideways, resulting in pesky ingrown hairs. By combining both epilation and exfoliation, you can now achieve a softness you can’t stop touching, with a glow you can see. This double beauty treatment is a must for spa-savvy woman looking for the latest innovation that delivers results comparable to a professional treatment.’

While I didn't find the SkinSpa epilator nearly as painful as I thought it would be and really liked the two speed function, I didn't find it left me as smooth as shaving. While you're advised to go against the direction of the hair growth some hairs grow in different directions and some get left behind. I went over areas several times, but still had a few patches of hair that didn't seem to budge.

It was really quick and easy to do, but it did leave me looking a bit like a plucked chicken! You're warned that this will happen to epilator first-timers, so the advice is to epilate in the evening, moisturise afterwards and allow it to go down after a good nights sleep (which it did). The idea is that you then use the exfoliation brush to prevent ingrown hairs, which we all know ruin your look no matter how smooth and hair free you are!

So while I was a bit disappointed that I still had patches of hair left, I am really keen to try using it again and will definitely use the exfoliation brush to keep my poor, dry winter legs looking their best.

The Braun SkinSpa is available exclusively at Boots for £169.99 


By Carina Sullivan


  1. I'm looking for a new epilator to replace my very old one I got from my sister. Braun is on of my choices because I've been using their toothbrush. Thanks for the review Carina.

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