Friday, 24 January 2014

How to create Beach Waves with the Braun SensoCare Styler

My very straight hair and I often long for relaxed, tousled, beach waves so I was very happy to try out the the world-first, intelligent styler, Braun SensoCare, to create perfect (and easy!) beach waves.

Braun SensoCare detects the moisture level of each hair strand from root to tip and actively adjusts its temperature accordingly. The profile function also allows you to enter personal information such as your hair length, thickness and whether it is coloured or non-coloured - to provide a bespoke hair experience tailored to you!

Thanks to Braun's UK Style Director, renowned stylist Peter Beckett, who created some how-to videos using the Braun SensoCare Styler I've been able to re-create his easy beach waves. This is just stupidly easy to do, even on my very thick hair, and I found it worked really well on day old hair and using a bit of salt spray to give even more volume and texture.

Follow the steps below and my photo guide or just watch Peter's great video and you can have super-easy beach waves too.

Step 1:Ensure hair is blow dried or left to dry naturally. Part the hair and split into two even sections

Step 2: Loosely run stylers back and forth over hair. Repeat process for the whole first section.

Step 3: Twist the first hair section away from your face in line with your ear and clamp the styler over the twist in sections until you reach the tip on the hair.

Step 4: Coil the twist into a bun at your ear and secure with pins and allow to cool.

Step 5: Once cool, release the buns and shake the hair loose. Loosen the style using your fingers and lightly spray in hairspray to add hold.

Braun SensoCare is available at John Lewis for £60.


By Carina Sullivan

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  1. Thickness and whether it is coloured or non-coloured - to provide a bespoke hair experience tailored to you!view site


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