Friday, 11 April 2014

Food, glorious food: Sushi Samba, Flat Iron and Eat17

Man, I love food! So in celebration of some of the delicious meals I've had recently I thought of do a post about where I've been eating and drinking in the last few weeks.

First up was Sushi Samba where my lovely fiancé took me for my birthday in January. The main thing I was thinking was would the food live up to the hype and the jaw dropping view? It definitely did. The food was incredibly fresh, amazingly and inventively flavoured and that view didn't hurt either. While many people would assume from the name that this is a fishy joint and a no-go if sushi isn't your bag I would recommend you go for the duck and the wagyu beef alone. Mark and I fought over the last pieces!

Another old faithful that I go to time and time again is Eat17 in Walthamstow. It's a gorgeous little restaurant tucked away in Walthamstow Village that offers everything from gastro pub dinners to amazing breakfast and brunch. It's always a weekend treat to get brunch at Eat17, and you can't go wrong with the Eggs Benedict or the Full English.

Everyone who is carnivorous and loves a good bit of steak is going gaga for Flat Iron, and I am no exception. While the queues are long and the no booking policy is slightly infuriating the steak is both delicious and cheap, a rare combo! Rare, geddit?! Sorry. But seriously, the bar downstairs is atmospheric, the bartenders are friendly and speedy and the cocktails pack a punch - so much so you start to enjoy the wait for your meat.

Once you've been called to dine and straddled the worlds most uncomfortable stool you will want to order everything. And so you should! The steak is made even more amazing by the fabulous sides, including a personal favourite - creamed spinach - and a new found favourite, baked aubergine 

Have you eaten anywhere delicious recently? Where should I eat next?


By Carina Sullivan


  1. Enjoying the 'rare' combo reference Carina! Never letting the side down with our awful jokes!

  2. Thank my dear! Our love of awful puns lives on. Cx


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