Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Halloween make up ideas: Zombie-Vampire Snow White

It's about to get spooky! Halloween is this weekend and if you're still panicking about your costume or how to do your make for that Halloween party, I'm here to help. One of my all-time favourite Halloween costumes that I've worn was my adaptation of a Zombie-Vampire Snow White a few years ago.

Halloween is one of my favourite excuses to wear fancy dress, because I get to play on my natural paleness and it's the perfect excuse to contour like you've never contoured before! Go for that lovely Zombie look with chiselled cheekbones to envy Kate Moss and layer on the eye make up for dramatic, scene-stealing eyes. Fake blood optional, but strongly recommended!

You don't have to be a make up wizard to do spooky Halloween make up and here are some of my top tips and ideas.

Halloween Zombie Vampire Make Up Guide

  1. Invest in some face paint. This is the easiest way to create a blank canvas and give you that dull skin look. The key colours you want are white, grey and black. You can order face paint online or even find it a the supermarket!
  2. Skip the moisturiser. You want a matte surface to put on the face paint.
  3. Take a small sponge or a foundation brush and dip it in water, then work this into the white face paint. Apply this all over your face as you would foundation and let it dry. A dab of loose face powder will make this last all night.
  4. Take the grey face paint and a small brush or sponge and start contouring! Apply to the hollows of your cheek, either side of your nose, along your hairline and jaw. Then take it all around your eye socket. Unlike normal contouring, you're trying to make yourself look tired and haggard!
  5. Take the black face paint or a black eye shadow and draw a line under your check bones and around your lash line. This is where the blending starts! Take your foundation brush or sponge and gently blend the black line to create a hollowed out look.
  6. A bold red lipstick will add to the vampire look and really pop against your white face paint. I love Mac's Ruby Woo lipstick for this look.
  7. Finish your strong eye look with loads of mascara or go all out and add some doll-like fake lashes. Go for the false lash look with Benefit's They're Real! Mascara.
  8. The fake blood is really realistic now and nothing says Vampire like some blood dripping from your lips. And you're done!

What's your favourite Halloween make up look?


By Carina Sullivan

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