Thursday, 23 October 2014

My Autumn Style: Wax Jackets

Something has happened to me in my old age. I've gone all sensible! I never thought I'd see the day where I went out walking wearing sensible footwear and a waterproof coat (with a hood, no less!) but there you are. And do you know what? I bloody love my wax jacket from F&F. I got it last year as a Christmas present and it's become an autumn wardrobe staple, so much so that it got me thinking what other essentials items do I have in my autumn wardrobe? And thus a new blog series was born.

Introducing 'My Autumn Style' where I'll be bringing you ... well, you get the point. And what better place to start than the quintessentially British wax jacket. While I do wish I could upgrade to a classic Barbour for my next wax jacket, I'm definitely a convert to this preppy, practical style of outerwear.

This F&F version is a really rich navy blue and has a gorgeous and cosy checked lining, elbow patches and a very roomy hood. I can also confirm it really is waterproof - sadly rare with a lot of wax jackets on the high street, which is especially surprising as it's only £40.

Next week I'll be showing you my must have jeans for autumn, how I'm wearing them and where I buy all my denim!

What are your autumn essentials?


By Carina Sullivan

P.s. if you're wondering where the devil I am that is so darn pretty, it's Minadew Fields above the pretty Cornish coastal town of Kingsand.

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