Tuesday, 16 December 2014

My Autumn Style: Ankle Boots

Well it's officially winter and I'm officially too late to post this, but it's my blog so I'm going to do it anyway. So we're pretending it's autumn, k? I'm continuing the 'My Autumn Style' series after I've shown you my two other autumn essentials, wax jackets and skinny jeans,. The final and most important part of my autumn/winter uniform has to be the ankle boot.

I love ankle boots with everything from jeans and tapered trousers to pencil skirts and skater dresses. They're so versatile and are also weather proof - amazing. The other thing I love about them? They're very often flat, or with a very low heel, which as a person who doesn't really do heels is a huge bonus.

I'm a material snob when it comes to ankle boots and always try to buy leather or suede. If you invest in anything, beside the obvious winter coat, ankle boots are a no-brainer. My favourite places for ankle boots are ASOS on brand, they're surprisingly good quality and great value, and New Look's real leather range of boots.

What are your autumn essentials?


By Carina Sullivan

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